Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So we went to have the ultrasound today, and our little peanut in there decided to stay very modest and kept thier legs tightly together the whole time! So we were unable to find out for sure what the gender is. They said that they are leaning more towards a girl- but could not really say. So most likely it is a little girl! Well the day before I prepared both pages for whatever the gender would be. Since it is not quite sure I will just post them both. It was fun seeing our baby move and yawn and all. We got some video and will be updating that on her soon as well. Notice the cute shape of a leg on the picture on the blue page. Very sweet. Anyway... We are open to peoples 'intuition' and old wives tales to help us find out our babies gender!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wow! It has been a almost two months since we posted anything new on our blog! Mostly due to our computer having a lot of problems. It has been a fun few months as the days have gotten warmer we have been able to take Joey out to enjoy the outdoors.
Here are some pictures of the things that we have been up to the last few months! (Mostly what Joey has been up to.)

The first video was taken with my cell phone camera while we waited for Daddy in the car. I had set the car keys in the cup holder. When Joey picked it up and with no trouble at all slide the key into the ignition. He did that several times before I decided to take some video. Sorry it is bad quality.

The second video is of part of our Easter Egg hunt. Joey just loved it. We had to keep him in our arms to keep him from gathering the eggs before it was time. It is kinda long but it is really cute!

Anyway. Hope you enjoy the video and pictures. Also, tommorow is the day we find out what the gender of our baby will be! Yeah! So we will be sure to post some more onto the blog with that footage.

In Mid-February Jared went with his brothers, Nate and Joel and Joel's wife Linda Skiing/Snowboarding. Dad Reece had gotten the boys some day passes to The Canyons. Everyone spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa Reece's and left in the morning. Jared had not had a chance to go Skiing since High School- but luckily it all came back to him real quick.