Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our little Fridge Rat

Last night Jared had opened the fridge for something and then stepped away for a moment. Joey Seized the moment and apparently found himself a nice cool fort! What a Goof!

Last Sunday we had a Birthday dinner for Joey and Aunt Melissa at the Stoker house.
We had this fun cupcake cake with what else but Lightening McQueen!

Joey liked having everyone sing to him and Melissa. I think He also enjoyed the flames!

Here Joey is unwrapping his gift from cousins Morgan and Porter. It is two really cool trucks! He has loved them! There are a couple buttons you push and lights turn on and thier equipment move! Thanks Michelle and Cameron!

I know my mom and those in the picture will kill me for posting this photo. But I kinda wanted to show the set up. My Mom had set two tables right next to each other and made a large square one so we could all still talk to each other instead of always having to be in a more Thanksgiving table set up. On the centerpiece in the middle originally had the cake. The kids got to sit in the kitchen at thier own little table and Joey got to join them. I think he liked being able to be on his own with his cousins. They laughed at him with every bite he took since apparently his messy two year old eating habits are just hilarious. Lol, he loved being the center of thier attention.

Grandma and Grandpa Stoker found a large Lightening McQueen Car! Joey loved it. He now has three different size McQueen's and with this kids love for CARS he could never have enough!

Good Bye Mop Top!

Well, as most everyone has noticed. Joey's hair was way past the unruly stage. We have taken our time getting it cut since hair cuts are usually a very painful experience for all of us. Lots of holding down and scary clippers and hair everywhere. Grandma and Grandpa Stoker however could not look at the mop top any longer and decided that they needed to help Joey look more presentable. So Grandma Stoker took us out to lunch and then to Cookie Cutters! Joey had a wonderful time! Seeing the fun little atmosphere with a slide and all the colors put him right at ease. Then Grandma showed him a few other kids getting thier hair cut while watching a movie and having bubbles blown on them. I got to say I was just amazed at how well Joey did. He had a blast! Smiled through the whole thing! He even got a discount because it is his birthday month! Thanks Grandma!

Later that night Aunt Debbie did Joey's hair into a faux hawk. He looked like a cute little punk!

Monday, January 5, 2009

DI find!

Wow! Sorry to post so many all at once, but it has been a very busy couple weeks and a lot that I wanted to add up on here! It is mostly just pictures that I wanted to share! Enjoy!

We Found this old beat up child recliner at DI for $5. We decided to fix it up for Joey's birthday. Jared pulled the whole thing apart and ripped off all the old upholstery. He replaced the cushions on he both the arm rests. fixed the seat and springs and also replaced the cushion on the seat. He then restuffed the back and covered the whole chair in some CARS fabric that we have been buying out of the remnants bin at Walmart. I was glad that Jared was willing to do all the work for it, except I think he was just happy for an excuse to use his staple gun. Since we just used the material that we had the Chair ended up a little bit busy but, a busy chair for a happy busy boy!

Fun with a Box!

We spent a couple days at Grandma and Grandpa Reece's ove the New Year's week. It was a lot of fun. Especially for Joey who got a lot of time to play with his cousin and best bud Dallin. To keep the boys from doing some naughtier things Grandma pulled out this big old box from the garage. The boys had a blast with it! Poor little Dallin was forced to stay in the box while Joey had a great time closing him up in it! It was so much fun to see him have fun with his cousin! This is a kinda random picture from home, Joey stole my cantalope when I was cutting up into cubes.

Winter is Snow fun!

We went sledding with Joey's cousin Dallin and Joel and Linda. We had a blast! We only went for a little bit, but Joey had the greatest time! Notice the perma-grin in all th pictures. It was a lot of fun... he kept yelling, "Again! Again!" I hope we have another opportunity to go sledding again! Joey was so nice and bundled up with new snow pants, coat, hat and gloves.

I LOVE these with Dallin and Joey!

Poor little Joey... we ended up going later then we thought and Joey hadn't had his nap yet when we drove over there. He woke wide awake though when he saw what we were about to do!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


This is part of our little Christmas Victorian village, one of our few decorations
Joey wasn't sure what he thought of his uncle's singing Christmas carol's on Christmas morning. Part of the Stoker family tradition!

Our Happy little stockings!

Joey playing with Uncle Nathan and Daddy!

Jeanie checking out her new Glow worm

One of Joey's favorite gifts!