Monday, January 5, 2009

Winter is Snow fun!

We went sledding with Joey's cousin Dallin and Joel and Linda. We had a blast! We only went for a little bit, but Joey had the greatest time! Notice the perma-grin in all th pictures. It was a lot of fun... he kept yelling, "Again! Again!" I hope we have another opportunity to go sledding again! Joey was so nice and bundled up with new snow pants, coat, hat and gloves.

I LOVE these with Dallin and Joey!

Poor little Joey... we ended up going later then we thought and Joey hadn't had his nap yet when we drove over there. He woke wide awake though when he saw what we were about to do!


MomSqrt said...

I LOVE that cute little laugh as they start sledding! I wish my girls could experience sledding. They've NEVER been. All the years we were in UT and never got snow...sheesh! It waited till we moved then showed up! Now we don't get it here either! Oh well. Enjoy it!
Merry Christmas, & Happy New Year!!!

littlefamilyJLD said...

If you guys ever want to come to provo, we could go sledding again! Just give us a call!!!