Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jared brought home a gingerbread house kit to decorate and take back to work to put on display. We enjoyed putting it together! Jared did most of it but Joey and I put on a few of the decorations!

Trying to keep Joey from eating the candies!

Looks good enough to eat!

To much work for this litte elf!

In case you needed proof...

I don't have much to say about the next few photos other then it just is proof in pictures of what a goofball my little boy is. He always keeps me on my toes and laughing!

And some wonder why I call my children monkeys.

Playing Together?

Joey is struggling with his sister enjoying his old toys. He kept ripping off Jeanie's ball and taking off with it. We had an extra from the Reece's set that we must have brought with us in the move. I kind of felt like I had some cats rather then kids!


We were heading out to run some errands after it had snowed. We had forgotten that Joey probably had forgotten all about Snow. When we opened the door and he went outside he was SO amazed by the Snow!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Got Milk?

Most of you know that Jeanie is a big time 'spitter-upper' always seeming to lose most of everything she just drank down. This last weekend I finally realized that I needed to give up dairy or at least cut down dramatically. I should have realized that it was the milk I was taking in sooner. Now, a few years ago giving up milk would not have been a big deal, but since I have married into the Reece family I have grown to have a deep love and appreciation for it. They taught me the wonderful world and wonder of dunking and glasses of milk to compliment many tasty treats. Today as I sat across the table and watched Joey, gladly dipping and sloshing his milk as he ate his cereal straw and Jared in the kitchen making a yummy morning shake I looked down at my bowel of cereal drenched in my soy 'milk'. It was almost depressing. Almost wish I had never been intruduced to the wonderful world of milk since now I have to leave it for awhile! Sigh. Oh well- it is worth it. Jeanie still spits up a lot more then I would care for but it is not nearly as much except for the few times that I 'fell of the wagon' and had more cheese or milk that I ought. Anyhow... kind of a weird post I know!