Saturday, December 6, 2008

Got Milk?

Most of you know that Jeanie is a big time 'spitter-upper' always seeming to lose most of everything she just drank down. This last weekend I finally realized that I needed to give up dairy or at least cut down dramatically. I should have realized that it was the milk I was taking in sooner. Now, a few years ago giving up milk would not have been a big deal, but since I have married into the Reece family I have grown to have a deep love and appreciation for it. They taught me the wonderful world and wonder of dunking and glasses of milk to compliment many tasty treats. Today as I sat across the table and watched Joey, gladly dipping and sloshing his milk as he ate his cereal straw and Jared in the kitchen making a yummy morning shake I looked down at my bowel of cereal drenched in my soy 'milk'. It was almost depressing. Almost wish I had never been intruduced to the wonderful world of milk since now I have to leave it for awhile! Sigh. Oh well- it is worth it. Jeanie still spits up a lot more then I would care for but it is not nearly as much except for the few times that I 'fell of the wagon' and had more cheese or milk that I ought. Anyhow... kind of a weird post I know!

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littlefamilyJLD said...

Good luck with that! Joel and I drank a lot of Soy milk during the summer -- mostly in our smoothies and cereal. It wasn't too bad once we got used to it. But we started getting regular milk again mostly because of the price.