Monday, November 24, 2008


Joey loves CARS! He loves to play with his cars all over the place! His favorite movie and only movie he will really watch anyway is, CARS! It sometimes tends to be an almost daily viewing. The funniest thing about it is I think he is starting to act out some of the scenes that he sees on the show. The other day Joey was 'helping' me with dishes at the sink and he decided he needed to wash his cars also. He would climb down and grab a car give it a good washing using the sprayer and everything and then set the dripping car down onto the chair he was standing on and go over to his stash and wash another one.. one by one. I then just followed him around with the camera and snapped pictures of him as he played with his cars and trucks.
As we were in the middle of doing the dishes please excuse the dirty sink with the lovely corn flakes stuck to the side of the facet. I hadn't scrubbed the sink yet!!
A couple of the scenes I think he is acting out. Washing the cars- there is a couple scenes where the big fire truck sprays down Lightening McQueen.. I think that he is acting that out, or that he has just observed daddy wash the car.
There is a scene were Lightening bounces off the tires of an over turned car, he does that a lot now... over turns one of vehicles and drives a car on the over turned ones wheels.
Joey likes to set the CAT under the rug to produce a hill to drve the cars on. Another scene I think he is doing here is the scene at the end where Lightening pushes the vetern race car to the finish line!

Joey loves this little nook between the couches. Guess he has decided that it is his little fort! Goof ball. Please excuse the youngsters lack of pants... Most of his pants are to big for him so he ends of losing his britches pretty often!


littlefamilyJLD said...

We have the same kind of car-loving, pants-fall-right-off, goof-ball kind of boy. Therefore, it must be the Reece genes, eh?

Cami and Dustin said...

Miles is obsessed with Cars too! He watches it EVERY single day without fail. So I know all those scenes you are talking about by heart. That's so funny that he acts out the scenes! What a cute kid!!