Monday, November 3, 2008

Super Mario Family!

For Halloween we were Mario and Luigi and mini Mario and mini Luigi. It was great fun! Joey and Jared made great Mario's! After the pictures I had added some big bushy eyebrows onto Joey and he looked even more like Mario! We bought overalls for Jared and I at Ream's after going to several DI's and other thrift stores looking for them.

Jared and Joey!
Joey really enjoyed his costume. Loved pointing at his mustache and Mom's and Dad's mustaches and loved wearing the gloves even though they were to big for his fingers to stay in.

Please excuse my look here... we took pictures before I put on my regular makeup.

Trick or treating was an interesting experience with Joey. Jared had to work so I took Joey out with Jeanie in my wrap. Joey had a hard time understanding the concept, was nervous and fought going up to houses a bit but loved when they dropped the candy into his bucket.

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littlefamilyJLD said...

I love the costumes! Very creative.