Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sweet Teenie Jeanie

Jeanie is getting so darn cute! She is loving to be outside with her brother! The swing is one of her favorite activities!

Jeanie discovering sand!

The Life a BOY!!

Oh, the life of a little boy! Joey is ALL BOY! Dirt, Bugs, Climbing, Food, running! Notice the change in wardrobe throughout the pictures with the changing weather. I thought it was quite amusing.
Joey is such a good climber! I usually stay by him to spot him... but he has no fear and always finds away to get up to where he is headed!
Joey observing the snow storm outside

Now, don't freak out about this picture. Yes, that is a pile of ants... but I do think it is okay to be able to get down and discover some things... even with the dirty kid hands handling ants. Joey like every other boy... is very intrigued by bugs! We sprinkled a few crumbs from his crackers and he enjoyed watching the ants drag the pieces away!

Apparently some of the kids are planning on improving the playground with a pool...(they came later with a tarp ready!) here is Joey enjoying the large pit they dug.

A Boy and a Stick.
This is Joey's favorite hat. I think its because he can pull it onto his head on his own, whereas with a regular ball cap he can never get it on quite right and needs to ask for help.

The Mad Scientist!

The Adventures of Curious George and Joey!

and Joey!
As you have seen in previous posts, Joey loves his little stuffed George. He is not so attached that if he doesn't have him he freaks out, but if he sees George on his way to an activity he invites him to come along.


Joey decided that this was the way to ride in the cart. Weirdo

Joey let George go down the slide first.

Why did the chicken cross the playground?

To get to the other slide!

Friday, March 20, 2009

I have not posted in awhile since we have misplaced our camera! We have searched everywhere! We do not go that many places so I don't understand how we lost it. We searched both of our parents houses and around and under and behind the areas that we thought that we might of put it. I just hope that we will be able to find it when we move!
Other big news items-
We have decided to make another move. We have loved our apartment and our ward! Really sad to leave but it will work out better for us. The apartment that we have found has a highly recommended landlord/owner from my friend Jason Anderson who used to live in the area. It is in West Valley and just a literal hop skip and jump from the Harmon's that Jared works at. That way I will be able to have the Van most days.

The last piece of news I believe most of the family and such has already heard. Jared was able to get a new position at Harmon's. It was quite a miracle actually. He had been working in the bakery at the SJ store and although he 'baked' several shifts a week he was not receiving the bakers pay as technically he was a 'packager' and also he was only promised 32 hours a week. He heard about an opening at the West Valley Harmon's for the 'People Support Manager' (aka HR) he applied and we really had a strong feeling that he would get it despite the lack of some possible qualifications. They took a long time making their decision and in the end he was told the position was given to someone else.

We were very disappointed and started to look a bit more fervently for another job. Jared was contacted from a place that had found his resume online... he went and they hired him to work in the mail room... it would have been slightly better pay and possibility of overtime. The next day Jared was set to go work out a new schedule with his manager to work both jobs when he was called up to the store directors office and told that he was now actually hired for the People Support position, and that he would start on Monday! (this was Saturday!) Wow! He received almost a 6$ raise and a promised 40 hours!!

Jared had 2 weeks of training and enjoyed that time a lot! This week has been his first at being on his own and I think he is adapting well. He is loving his new job. Was pretty fun going from working in the Bakery at one of the lesser positions and then going to the manager meetings and getting his OWN OFFICE! His duties include interviewing and hiring for the store, teaching classes, and lots and lots of paperwork! Another great thing about this job is that Jared gets to make his own schedule... within reason of course, he still needs to work at least one evening a week and a couple of Saturdays a month so more employees are able to get a hold of him. Right now they are of course... due to the recession, not hiring many people right now so it does take alot of Jared's duties away... so since he runs out of work right now he works in the Bakery still a couple shifts a week.