Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Life a BOY!!

Oh, the life of a little boy! Joey is ALL BOY! Dirt, Bugs, Climbing, Food, running! Notice the change in wardrobe throughout the pictures with the changing weather. I thought it was quite amusing.
Joey is such a good climber! I usually stay by him to spot him... but he has no fear and always finds away to get up to where he is headed!
Joey observing the snow storm outside

Now, don't freak out about this picture. Yes, that is a pile of ants... but I do think it is okay to be able to get down and discover some things... even with the dirty kid hands handling ants. Joey like every other boy... is very intrigued by bugs! We sprinkled a few crumbs from his crackers and he enjoyed watching the ants drag the pieces away!

Apparently some of the kids are planning on improving the playground with a pool...(they came later with a tarp ready!) here is Joey enjoying the large pit they dug.

A Boy and a Stick.
This is Joey's favorite hat. I think its because he can pull it onto his head on his own, whereas with a regular ball cap he can never get it on quite right and needs to ask for help.

The Mad Scientist!

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Robison Clan said...

Oh my goodness how cute are they! Looks like you guys are having such a fun time. Ever since we visited Utah and Derek saw Joey walking up and down the stairs like a big boy it's been his favorite thing to do. ha ha ha. I can't believe how fast they grow up! Love ya guys! PS. congrats on the new job!!! :)