Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last Sunday we had a Birthday dinner for Joey and Aunt Melissa at the Stoker house.
We had this fun cupcake cake with what else but Lightening McQueen!

Joey liked having everyone sing to him and Melissa. I think He also enjoyed the flames!

Here Joey is unwrapping his gift from cousins Morgan and Porter. It is two really cool trucks! He has loved them! There are a couple buttons you push and lights turn on and thier equipment move! Thanks Michelle and Cameron!

I know my mom and those in the picture will kill me for posting this photo. But I kinda wanted to show the set up. My Mom had set two tables right next to each other and made a large square one so we could all still talk to each other instead of always having to be in a more Thanksgiving table set up. On the centerpiece in the middle originally had the cake. The kids got to sit in the kitchen at thier own little table and Joey got to join them. I think he liked being able to be on his own with his cousins. They laughed at him with every bite he took since apparently his messy two year old eating habits are just hilarious. Lol, he loved being the center of thier attention.

Grandma and Grandpa Stoker found a large Lightening McQueen Car! Joey loved it. He now has three different size McQueen's and with this kids love for CARS he could never have enough!

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