Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good Bye Mop Top!

Well, as most everyone has noticed. Joey's hair was way past the unruly stage. We have taken our time getting it cut since hair cuts are usually a very painful experience for all of us. Lots of holding down and scary clippers and hair everywhere. Grandma and Grandpa Stoker however could not look at the mop top any longer and decided that they needed to help Joey look more presentable. So Grandma Stoker took us out to lunch and then to Cookie Cutters! Joey had a wonderful time! Seeing the fun little atmosphere with a slide and all the colors put him right at ease. Then Grandma showed him a few other kids getting thier hair cut while watching a movie and having bubbles blown on them. I got to say I was just amazed at how well Joey did. He had a blast! Smiled through the whole thing! He even got a discount because it is his birthday month! Thanks Grandma!

Later that night Aunt Debbie did Joey's hair into a faux hawk. He looked like a cute little punk!