Sunday, February 3, 2008

Joey's Birthday cake made by his Aunt Shelly!

Mmmmm... Yummy!

Joey takes his first taste of the cake.

Maybe the spoon would work better....

What are you lookin' at me for?

Joey attempting to change volume during Superbowl.


Little Family said...

That sure is one cute birthday boy! Man! One year already? He's going to catch up to Grandpa White in no time!
We love you guys and hope you are all feeling well.

Robison Clan said...

Hey Joey save some cake for me! thats my favorite!! I will bring the milk to wash it down with!

We hope you guys are doing well, sorry we weren't able to be there to celebrate, hope the little guy liked his presents. :)

love you all,

Bryson, Debbie, & Pork chop