Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cute Pics from last few Weeks!

It is amazing how fast Jeanie is growing. She is growing out of her clothes so fast I hardly get a chance to have her wear some of them! Amazing to me... Joey was able to wear his cloths until way past the age marked on the size, but Jeanie is spot on with the sizing usually. She is also starting to do a really good army crawl type scoot. We set her on the floor in one spot and she is clear over on another spot so fast! Not sure how having the two so mobile will be... but I am sure it will be some sort of an adventure!!!!!

Joey is just going crazy with words! Usually when we are away from home he clams up, but at home it is non-stop yaking! Even has a few two-worder sentences. One being, "Come on!" It is so fun to actually hear his little voice saying real words and sentences! Instead of just his Tim Allen style grunts that he used for communication. Joey also is starting to have some odd food choices. He is always picky about what he eats but he has gone crazy with the pickles. Asking for some all the time. Grabs your pinky and drags you to the fridge exclaiming, "Pick! Pick!" Very interesting that the pickle is what he wants all the time. That is all I ever craved when I was pregnant with him. I even went so far that I bought a jar after work... and accidently ate it all before Jared got off work. I hid the jar at the bottom of the garbage and several days later when Jared took out the garbage he wondered what the jar was from and I had to confess!

So, on my last post I never got a comment! That was kinda depressing realizing that I really don't have hardly anyone reading my blog. Even though most of the blogs I read haven't posted for weeks either. Oh well I guess it gets me out of making gifts for people. I still get my gift from my Steph's blog that I got it from. Lol!

Anyway here are a few cute pictures from that last few weeks!

Nothing better then coming home from church and taking a nap in your own Easy Chair!

Joey climbed into one of his toy buckets and then pulled my latest craft on top of him and started to nestle himself down to sleep. I think he might of fell asleep to if we didn't make a fuss about taking a picture!

Jeanie enjoying some goodies out of her little feeder.

Joey giving his little sis' a ride! They had a blast!

Joey was so cute with his Curious George the other day. He just decided that he was his little buddy or something. He put him down for naps. He set him into the tub and then carried him out wrapped in a towel. (which is how we usually do baths) Then later he went and sat him on to the potty! (luckily Jared had fast reflexes to save him from falling in!) He even wanted to have George dressed and then sat him in the Bumbo seat. It was fun to watch him!

Joey was so cute in the bath this morning. Earlier he was playing with cars in the bath with Dad and just wanted to cuddle with him and almost feel asleep. I so wanted to take a picture then but I don't know if Jared would care to have his manly chest exposed put on the blog for all to see, but it really was precious.

Joey also has decided he really LOVES showers. He likes to back up and let the water fall onto his back! At the time I took these pictures he laid down and let Dad take the shower head down and let it just beat onto his back. Oh and don't worry that is not a real razor by him. That is his toy razor from a cute little kid grooming kit that we got at DI for 1.00.


MomSqrt said...

kids grow up so fast!
It's amazing just how much Ema is doing now...It's hard to believe she's 2 1/2 now! sheesh!
Joey fits right in with his girly cousins...they all like pickles too!

littlefamilyJLD said...

Such cute kids!
Love 'em.

Robison Clan said...

What cuties! :)