Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sick Days!

So these past 2 and a half weeks were a killer! It started out with Jeanie having horrible teething, keeping her up all night crying in pain. After she was over that she had a fever for several days. As soon as Jeanie was feeling all better, Joey went on a crazy cycle of sickness, going from vomiting, to fever, back to vomiting, then to coughing and and sneezing. I actually never made it to the Dr. since each day he began by seeming that he was doing a lot better. I was hesitant to go into the Dr. and have him tell me to just let the fever run its course and just give him Tylenol if he needs it. Since we would have to pay for the full visit because of our deductible. Yesterday he was FINALLY back to his old self. He is not a nice person when he is sick! I guess he gets that from me... I HATE to be sick and express it to everyone! Lol...

This picture is just the cutest! I left for an hour or so to take care of school stuff. This was when Jeanie was feeling sick and nasty, Jared said the only thing that calmed her down while I was gone was to sit with her big brother, who was all to happy to care for her. So cute!
Poor sad sicky... he just hid his face in the couch
The only thing I could get Joey to eat was Jell-O, at least he got some fluid from it.

Such a sad face

See the sad frown!
Well, in other news, the pregnancy is going really well so far! I am so lucky! Another pregnancy with hardly any sickness. This is actually the easiest so far! I actually keep forgetting that I am pregnant. Until I look in the mirror and see how much worse then normal my acne is and my pants are tight! I am SO grateful that I take it so easy... I am not sure how I could care for the little crazy kids and the house and school if I was nauseated and lying on the couch!

I got the first of the big tasks I need to do to prepare the kids for the baby. I weaned Jeanie and it went a lot better then I anticipated. I thought it would be a long drawn out battle with lots of tears and sleepless nights. Luckily I was actually able to do it almost cold turkey. I went the first two days with it totally scaled back to just morning and night. She took that really well that I just cut it all off. She was mad and would ask for it... but she wouldn't fight too hard and would give in to the alternative.

So the next big thing... really really really tackling this potty training thing. We have had it around as an idea for like 7 months now... but have not pushed the issue to much since he keeps resisting, but then he will just surprise us, say he needs to go potty, rip his diaper off himself and go. I have also been waiting for a bit more language and communication from him so we could discuss it more. I know he will talk more when he is ready. He definitely understands everything, just doesn't care to speak a lot. He is picking up a ton though now. He is constantly adding new words and sentences.


Gennaveeve said...

Aww! The only good thing about sick kids is that they snuggle!

Julie W said...

So glad the kids are finally feeling better!! Good luck with the potty training thing. Addie is still lacking in her verbal communication skills, but she finally figured out the potty training thing. (I just didn't want to send her to preschool in diapers:)

Cami and Dustin said...

I'm sorry the kids have been sick. But congrats on the pregnancy! I'm glad you've been feeling well :)