Monday, November 2, 2009


Wow! So, I had thought about what to do for the kids costumes for a long time. I ended up with having them go as Mike and Boo from Monster's Inc. Funny thing is I probably should have gone with a different theme. We borrowed Monsters Inc and Toy Story 1 &2 from my parents. Joey refuses to watch Monsters again... guess it is a bit to intense for him, he will yell, "No! No MIKE!" when we would try to get him to watch it. He loves watching Toy Story though, so I probably should have gone with my Woody and Jesse idea, oh well. We got to be a whole lot more creative this way. Jared gets most of the credit for Joeys costume. He is the one that figured out how to make it... (We sewed a hood onto a long sleeve green shirt, then modified a pumpkin pattern around it.) His face was sopposed to look like the eye ball... but the face painting didn't go over so well. Lol.

Here is my Awesome Mom! Apparently she won a contest at work for it!

This is Joey and Jeanie's best friend Austin. He is our neighbor and his parents are our good friends. They have watched the kids for us when we have been to school, they were seriously a LIFE saver to us!

Here is my little comparison pages to see how well I matched the costumes to the characters!
Jared and I went as Mario and Toad from nintendo, unfortunatly we never took a picture of us. So I did take a picture of my hat... cause I thought it was pretty cool.

We had fun making the costumes! We got pretty creative I think! We didn't get to do much trick or treating, Joey was feeling a bit icky and was not very cooperative!


littlefamilyJLD said...

SOOOO cute! I can't believe you made those! Seriously. You've got some super duper mad sewing skillz my friend!

Andreason said...

They turned out so cute! I totally loved it!

Gennaveeve said...

you are freaking super mom Emily!!! I'm stressed just buying the costumes in the right size, I could never make them! Your my hero!!!!

JLeFevre said...

They turned out adorable- how fun!!!

Nova said...

So cute!!

Julie W said...

You did an AWESOME job with the costumes. Sooooo Creative!! Love It!