Friday, January 29, 2010

Very late Christmas Post!

Wow. I tried a couple times to post Christmas but it just never happened. Christmas was amazing at our house! We got some awesome gifts! In the picture below is Joey asleep on the kitchen floor at my parents. He just totally zonked out halfway through the day from all the excitment! Jeanie loves her baby!

Dad got Golf Clubs and Mom got a Serger!

Christmas Eve Joey really loved watching the Christmas train go around Grandma Reece's tree!

A few days later Joey tried on the Stockings!

A week or so before Christmas we went out and enjoyed the Snow!
Well, Jeanie not so much.

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Little Family Fun said...

Very cute pictures! Iespecially love Joey trying on the stockings.
You should use your new serger to stick them together somehow and make some new pants!