Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Making Room for Baby!

So Jared and I have been doing a lot of moving around of things to make room for number three to fit into our little 900 sq feet and I think everything is ready to go! We first decided to just have the two kids share a twin size bed rather then having two toddler beds. It works out really well, as they are both tiny and each just get an end! I had a hard time finding a toy hammock at the store when we finally realized how easy it would be to make one, so I finally got around to making one and getting the stuffed animals out of the way!
We took off the closet doors and moved thier toys and such into there.

Also got a couple under bed storage bins, which work out really well!

This next picture is just the new LOVE of my life. Doing dishes is my most hated chore, especially right now since I have to do the dishes sideways because of my belly. Jared finally talked me into letting him buy me a portal dishwasher...thank you Jared! Love it Love it Love it!

Although we have 2 kids, we actually did not own a crib! We decided to get a nice sturdy one since we do plan on having more kids and might as well have one that can last through all of them! I also have to tell about our deal shopping. We looked everywhere we could think of for cribs. I thought it was strange that places like RC Willey actually didn't have much of a selection of cribs. We ended up at Babies R Us... and lucked out because at the time they were having a trade in event. So we traded in our old carseat (that had been hammered thru 2 kids) and got 25% off the crib! We later brought in our high chair and got the 25% off a new car seat! All together we were able to get 150$ off of those things by trading in items that together would have brought in maybe 15$ at a yard sale. So, we were pretty happy. Although we find out about it at the end of the event so we had to keep dragging the kids out shopping while we made our decisions. They did not care for that much at all!

If you know me and my family at all, you know that Monkeys are a must!
We have a pretty large bedroom so we are able to fit the crib next to our bed. We then set our old dresser into my closet to put baby stuff in.

This is our new dresser that matches the crib perfect! I love this new dresser, our old ones drawers were a bit to small for everything I wanted to put into it. This one is really nice! Of course we got a deal on it to! Got to love the scratch and dent area of RC Willey! This had a few blemishes and was missing a drawer pull, but the deal we got was SO worth it!

This picture was just to funny. I was mean and attacked the kids to clip thier nails since I have not done it for awhile. I was apparently a bit to vicious when doing Joey's as he was fighting me so much with it. I felt so bad afterward he went crying to dad and told him how I hurt him, revealing a couple fingers and toes that were indeed cut too far and cut the skin. Joey shoved his legs and arms into one of our pillows to protect himself from me. I had this picture as my screen saver on my phone for awhile... everytime Joey saw it he would tell me how I hurt him and that was rude. Breaks my heart everytime!

We are getting closer and closer to the baby! Weird to think that within a month maybe even just a couple weeks he will be here!! We are ready for him though! All of his clothes are in his drawers and everything set up for him. It has taken a lot of restraint to not pack my bags yet. Don't want to be to crazy about it. I have no idea with this one when he will come. I went into labor on my due date with Joey and they had be come in to be induced a week early with Jeanie because they thought she might be growth restricted. So I don't really know if I am one that might go early or not. I am getting ready to stop being pregnant now though. I have still been lucky as far as sickness goes I am just fine, but this baby I am carrying different than the other two. Which is good and bad. The other two where up in my ribs and made it hard to breath. This one is far lower and I feel like I have to carry my belly with my arms. Also everything you do with a 3 year old and 20 month old is on the floor, bending over ect. I am excited to get my movement back!
I think the kids do kind of understand the baby thing, somewhat. Joey keeps coming to my belly and scooping at it and then walking away with the imaginary baby, taking it to the crib or couch (and yelling at you for sitting on it!) They both are always talking about the babies in thier tummies though to. I am so excited for them to meet thier little brother. They love babies, and I think that is going to be my biggest worry with the kids trying to take care of the baby. A couple times we have had cousin William who is 10 months old over- the kids are both crazy about seeing to his every need, giving him his paci, bottle, blanket and constantly bringing in a new toy for him. Any time he crys the kids make sure I know about it. So I can only imagine how they will be react to a tiny newborn.


Gennaveeve said...

What good deals! And super cute monkeys =)

Little Family Fun said...

Awesome deals! And wow your baby is really almost here! Boy, your pregnancy has really flown by....for me, at least. Ha ha.
Love ya!

Julie W said...

Way to go! The new furniture is beautiful! We love our portable dishwasher too:)

Andreason said...

Mean Mom!! How dare you clip Joeys fingers off. ;) Eh, I do it all the time with Lucas. House looks good Emily, it is getting close!