Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Old Fashioned Portraits

A couple months ago we were at the mall and got sucked in by a photography place that was offering a little deal. Since we have never gotten professional photos before we thought we probably ought to and knew we wouldn't come back later. I do wish now that we had taken the coupon and come back since I did not do Jeanie's hair that day, so it is pretty messing looking in most of the pictures. I think the pictures turned out cute, but not as well as I think they could have. The photographer did not seem to know how to work with little kids, especially trying to get Jeanie to smile- she is just staring at him nervously in most of her pictures. Oh well, we did not pay a whole lot for them so I guess it is okay! Joey's vest he wore was also a really small size, but it was all we could find on thier rack that worked for him. I do love the hat on him though! He so fits into the 'newsie' look!


Julie W said...

How fun!! The kids are super cute!

tootsie said...

that is sooo cute! I love the pictures! Good Luck with the little one! three children are sooo much fun! You are awesome! good job on organizing!