Monday, October 4, 2010

A little update

In June the kids all caught croup... that was seriously the most miserable time ever! I meant to take a picture here, but it came out as video... you can definitely see how extremely awful it was! The poor kids, I still shudder to think about how horrible those 2 weeks were.

Joey apparently watched Jared with his chopstix pretty well, he was doing even better before we took the video. Please ignore the state of the apartment... I apparently didn't put away groceries yet.

So our biggest news of the past few months is that Joey is finally potty trained. It really isn't so much that it was so hard for him to get potty trained, he just didn't have much interest and I kept finding excuses to not concentrate on it. He probably would have been trained a long time ago if I had. All in all it only took a few weeks encouraging him with awesome pull-ups, sticker charts, and then buying some hecka cool underwear. I was trying to get him and Jeanie at once but that just got to much watching both of them like a hawk so I just focused all my energy on Joey and Jeanie was a bonus. For awhile though we thought Jeanie would be there before him! I need to be a bit more vigilant with her, but she definitely has the desire and prefers the potty, and she usually is about 50% trained. So maybe just maybe I will be back down to just one in diapers in the next few months! Yeah!

James is Growing up so stinking fast! I can't believe it! The last time I posted pictures was from his first few days of life in the hospital. He is now 6 months old! He is so much bigger than the other two ever was. Outgrowing clothes that I put on Joey clear up to a year old. He is starting to work on a crawl! It is so fun to see it, watching him working on that army crawl and inching toward a shiny object on the floor is just so fun. He is such a delight! He is always flirting and always smiling (as long as he has his mommy!) He has been very mom clingy latley. He used to take a bottle just fine when I would go to my class on thursday evenings, but then for 5 weeks I took a class online and didn't give him one during that time... ya that was a big mistake. Now he refuses it so it makes every thursday night when I go off to school very painfully difficult for Jared since James is so hungry but won't take the bottle.

Joey is talking so much more now. He might still be onry and shy at family things but he is just talking up a storm now. I have been off and on worried about it. I kept thinking, well he is only 2, well he is only 3... but now he is 3 1/2 and even though he is going crazy talking I decided to finally schedule an appointment for him to be evaluated. Even though on the phone with all the questions the lady asked me he seemed just fine. I have also talked to my friends sister who is a Speech pathologist and she said she thought he was okay to. But obviously none of them actually spoke to him so we will see with the formal evaluation. Personally, even though I have found it fruastrating trying to talk with him I do not think he has any serious speech problems... just his personality was just a walker not a talker. I think he just didn't care to talk. I could never get him to repeat things, ever. He never wanted to parrot us, but he understood everything we said.

I am getting so fruastrated with being in school. I like class and am excited about becoming a teacher but sheesh it is so difficult to take care of everything. I hate the days when I end up working on homework during the day time and ignore the kids. It is not cool, and some of the homework is so fraustratingly pointless so it is that much more annoying. I took my Praxis I exam and passed both reading and math portions, and am crossing my fingers when my writing score comes back it passes to. The days before the Praxis when I finally decided to study the house went to crap, which it goes to a lot latley, I am finding it hard to keep up on house work, tend to and ENJOY my 3 kids and be a full time student married to a full-time student/full-time job husband. I am glad that I am in school and know it was a good decision because it will only get harder to go back, but it is difficult and sometimes I wonder if I should have gone into a different field. It is fruastrating that I had more credits transfer to University of Phoenix then Jared, but he graduates a WHOLE year earlier than I do. I also have to find time to do 100 hours of observations! Seriously, how the heck are we soppossed to do that! I do not have anyone to babysit the kids! 3 tiny kids is a lot to ask someone to babysit, and I do not have any spare money to pay someone to watch them right now. So, I just keep watching the months go by and wonder how I am going to get it done in only 1 1/2 or less years. I also find my self worrying a lot about student teaching. 2 months full time, child care gets really complicated thier... especially since by Jaunuary 2012 I may have another baby (basing off of my normal age gap... not announcing anything here) and I do not want to leave a small baby for 2 months. Oh well that is not for a few years.... but I do start thinking that I should have gone for the same degree as Jared, when I help him study I realize that I actually like the HR aspect of Business and it is something that a lot of people do part time... but I am already 6+ classes into my program and that would be a lot of money down the crapper, and I do want to teach but again, I got to admit going thorugh each class starts to make me really anxious wondering if I am up to being an Elementary teacher, there is just so much expected of them I just don't know. I also don't know how it will work since, I am getting a degree so I have something to fall back on if I do need to go to work...I don't want to work just cause I have a degree if I don't have to you know... but how am I soppossed to stay in it? Just substitute or something I guess.... Sorry I am sure that little rant was a bit boring, but those are my thoughts right now.


Julie W said...

Thanks for the update! YAY for potty training Joey! Things sound pretty crazy, but It'll all pay off in the end. Keep up the good work! :)

LittleFamilyJL said...

Joey is amazing with those chopsticks!!! Looks like another future Korean missionary in the making. :)
So, it sounds like life is pretty hectic for you right now. You can do it, though! Someday you'll look back and be amazed at what you were able to do! Good luck!