Thursday, December 30, 2010

October/November :)

So, way late on these updates.... but oh well. :) For Halloween Jared and I enjoy going all out on the costumes.... that is until October 30th.... and we are left putting on final touches late into the night :)

Us girls had the simple costumes this year. You can't see them in this picture, but we covered her shoes with the green fabric. She loved it!!!

Jared and James were both superheros... so I went with that category and did Wonder Woman

Here is a huge bunch of man hours.... It is what he asked to be... but in the end refused to wear it. Oh well- it turned out pretty stinkin' awesome anyway.

Pretty much Jared is AWESOME Looking I think! Everything is homemade here besides the mask. This also took a boat load of man hours... but turned out pretty awesome!

A couple weeks ago we went sledding.... Joey LOVED it! I forgot Jeanie's snow pants so she didn't last long.

I love this little guy! So happy and smiley!


MomSqrt said...

the kids are getting so big!

I wish our girls had so much snow to play in! Only Marley and Kaleigh have ever seen so much snow... and they were much too young to remember any of it now! Hope you guys have a happy new year!!!

Julie W said...

Love the costumes!! (as always:) Ya'll are just so cute!!