Monday, November 22, 2010

A few happenings of the past few week or so.

Everyone but me got a short flu this week. Luckily it was more of a 12-24 hour deal for each of them, and they were not miserable the whole time. It is times like this that I am reminded how blessed I am that I have a strong stomach. I rarely do get sick and so I was able to clean up all the lovely puke messes and puke buckets with out to much trouble. Jared can't even handle being anywhere near a sick mess with out getting sick himself. I am so glad that I am usually spared whatever hits the rest of my family- I don't take being sick very well. I get so mad and frustrated about being laid up that I get pretty mean.

This past week James turned 7 months has learned to pull himself up to standing on furniture! Which means I now have to lower his crib and make sure everything is stable and clear. I am so proud of the little boy. He is so eagar and ready to catch up to his big brother and sister! Joey was walking at 9 months, I am thinking James will be pretty similar. This little boy is so hungry! Baby food is a new concept to me. Joey and Jeanie were just so tiny and were not really interested in eating when they were infants. When I would try to feed them a jar of baby food they would have just a few spoonfuls and be done, James eats 3+ jars a day. James laughs with delight when he sees his jar and eats so greedily! I just giggle thinking how different he is physically then his brother. Joey was a little bean with his dark hair and wore 3 month old clothes forever, James fits most of the 12 month old cloths we have James is already filling in clothes that never fit Joey, or that Joey wore at 18 months! James stocky little body, blond hair and blue eyes is just so different. I love it. Except he is a handful to carry around, to huge for my weak little arms!

So, we are pretty proud of ourselves- we are pretty much done with the kids Christmas gifts last week and had them mostly wrapped. We had them in a bin with a towel over them in the corner of the family room and it has been there for a week with out being detected! We had a few more gifts that we needed to wrap and add before taking it over to storage. Unfortunatly I heard Joey a few minutes exclaim, "I have been VERY NICE!" opps! At least they were wrapped! Surprisingly he didn't put a fight when I ran them to my room. He just told me we need to put the tree up!

Anywho- here are a few more random pictures!

Always partners in crime! :)

This picture is actually a few months old. We went to the store around nap time.... defiantly made shopping a lot easier- although we looked pretty goofy!

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