Monday, November 22, 2010

Babysitting Anyone?

Lately I have been a little frustrated in finding a babysitter. Jared asks me if we can go on a date and I have a hard time thinking of someone to watch our kids. First, I know I need to think and plan on a date and find the babysitter in advance- I always start thinking Friday afternoon about it, and obviously have already lost my chance in securing a babysitter. My biggest hangups in finding a babysitter is I can rarely even get myself to dare even ask someone to watch my brood. My kids are a handful- busy busy busy, and now that James is old enough to be left behind, he doesn't much care for being separated from his Mom. I also have a very small pool of babysitters to choose from. Most all of our siblings have several kids and babies of their own and to add 3 to what they have seems just cruel and most of our siblings live just far enough that I am not sure it is worth all the trouble of getting to their places. I only feel right about asking the Grandmas occasionally because with how many Grand kids they have, they get called on a lot. :) We still don't know our ward very well and most of the members are older. I don't really know any teenage girls around here- but even if I did, we really can't afford the additional $15+ it would cost to pay them.

For awhile I really didn't mind so much, but lately I have gotten rather frustrated. We realized the other day when we went to my brother Sean's play that it was our first date in months, and first date with out the baby. When we do secure a babysitter I spend the whole time we are out on the date or errand noting the time, nervously checking for text messages and often cutting the date short and/or making Jared rush us back as soon as our activity is over. I only partly do this for the kids (besides James- James doesn't really know how to take a bottles much so I do fret over that IF we do leave him) but I more so do it for the babysitter-fearing that they are probably to the point of pulling their hair out with our kids shenanigans or fits.

So, I write all of this wondering if I can find someone else in the same boat? Wondering if I can find someone willing to do a babysitting exchange? Maybe someone else with a pack of kids? We really would enjoy watching a bunch of kids for another couple if they would be willing to do the same for us?

I am thinking if we found someone that we can have set dates that these dates/babysitting would happen- because like I said, I never ever plan ahead of time for a babysitter so if I had a set date that would be good.

So, is thier anyone brave enough to be willing to do this with me? Even it was on a bi-monthly basis? Anything beats our 1 date in six months. :)

My kids really aren't that crazy..... :)


Andreason said...

Well I would do it, besides the fact that Matt and I don't get dates because he is so busy with school and we have no money. But I would be willing to babysit, though I would prefer to know in advance. But I would like to help.... Let me know :) Love ya sis!

Meghan said...

Hi Sister Reece! I will totally help you babysit! Just in case you do not remember me I live in Spencer 1st ward and you used to be my brother Dallin's cub scout leader.
Just let me know when! If you want to get a hold of me just post a comment on a post on my blog (i moderate them so it won't be visible) It's: