Saturday, April 18, 2009

Egg Hunt!

We had our egg hunt at the Reece's home with cousins Dallin and Braxton. We had a blast like always! Joey was so funny, there was also some boxes of candy hidden around with the eggs... but Joey refused to pick them up since he was only on a hunt for eggs! He passed up about 5 boxes!

We were kinda mean here! Joey had just gotten the egg from this ledge in such a expert fashion we tried to get him to recreate it for the camera. He had shoved his fingers in between the slates and then kinda swung himself up. He was pretty upset at me for taking it and putting it right back where he just got it from! Lol.. mean parents!


MomSqrt said...

too cute!!! way to go joey!
our easter bunny brought us fruit! ur so LUCKY!!!

Dave&BeckyReece said...

Cute boy!

Dave&BeckyReece said...

Way to go!