Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pinewood Derby!

As some of you might not know Jared and I are the Wolf Den leaders for our wards Cub Scout Troop. We have LOVED this calling and we will miss our boys when we move! Jared and I had a little bit to much fun making our pinewood derby cars! Jared worked on his over a few weeks. I think his turned out awesome! The Theme was something like Jurassic Era or something. So, this is a dinosaur... not a gecko!

The lovely paint job is credited to Jared's sister Bekah! and to Mom Reece also who added the scaley lines! Thanks again ladies!
Once Jared was done carving it, it ended up rather light weight... so we had the fun idea to add a little jet pack to the back!

This is my car. I wanted to do something fun to! But of course I waited until the night before... but this is what I busted out... its a fossil in a huge hunk of something!

Unfortunately during one of the Dinosaurs first races it had an unfortunate accident and lost its cute little jet pack... So all that hard work and it lost its weights so my car won in the end!

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MomSqrt said...

that's VERY creative of BOTH of you! Way to go!!!