Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day! I have actually been thinking about Earth Day and about living 'Greener' for a little while now. I have felt little bits of guilt each time I add yet another recyclable to the garbage can. We do not have a recycle program here at the apartments and I assume we won't at the other apartments either. Does anyone know a place in West Valley to take recycling? I am resolving to maybe trying to gather up recycling and find a place to drop it at... even if it is just into one of our parents recycle bins.

Another green thing I have been wanting to do is to make my own shopping bags. I have TONS of fabric to make it from, unfortunately it was the first thing I packed and any free time ought to be spent on packing and probably unpacking. But I do plan on making some bags in a few weeks. Hopefully by posting it on here I will feel a bit more obligated to do it!

Here is one link on instructions on how to make them. I had found a lot better sites when I first had the idea... but this is the only website I saved apparently.

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Andreason said...

Wow Em, you and I think alike. Today I made a pile of cardboard to take to the bins. I feel even cooler now knowing its Earth Day! Thanks!