Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh the Joy of a two year old!

So, this morning I was happily reading my blog lists when I noticed a familiar smell. I stand up walk around the couch to see Joey DRAWING ON THE COUCH WITH


First, how he got a hold of the markers... While packing I have a box set aside to gather up all of our Cub Scout related items... I had tossed the markers in there and didn't even think about moving the box!

So there he is, with a handful of markers, his face, arms and hands covered, artistically drawing a circle around and around on the couch. (We were teaching him to draw circles the other day on the chalkboard at church.)

We had a similar incident last week, where he used crayon all over BOTH couches. That was a relatively easy clean, just scrubbed the cushions with detergent water and some spray n' wash.

I quickly googled what household items to use since I have a rather meager variety and supply of cleaners. There was the usual suggestions, aerosol hairspray, (which I used practically a whole can of) oxiclean, spray n' wash etc.. The two oddest solutions that came back was toothpaste (Actually kinda worked! after I had blotted and cleaned out what I could with hairspray and other cleaners I rubbed in a blob and then scratched at it with my thumb nail and some more color actually came up!) and the unexpected finisher Windex! (Thumbs up to the Dad in Big Fat Greek Wedding!)

So, how mad was I at Joey? You probably could imagine! But- really I am the one at fault... You are kinda asking for it when you leave a lovely colorful package of markers in the reach two year that is discovering the joy of coloring!

Most of it did come out thankfully... if you know where to look you can see some lines. I didn't think to take a Before picture and don't really feel like taking an after... but you can only imagine what it looked like!


MomSqrt said...

our couches are leather...and when that same thing happened on ours...without thinking, the first thing tried was fingernail polish remover...luckily it didn't completely ruin the couch because it was non acetone, but it did take off some color...not it looks slightly worn and nobody would know the difference! I detest Sharpies for that reason... oh well...
Glad you got it off... :D

littlefamilyJLD said...

Oh man! That stinks! But I appreciate the advice on the Windex. I'll have to remember that one.