Saturday, May 30, 2009

2 Peas in a Pod

Joey and Jeanie are such two little peas in a pod! They enjoy playing and causing trouble together!

In this video here there is red sheet that Joey has pretty much adopted into his play things... he has us sit on the rocking chair and tighten up the sheet with our feet on his chair... he then climbs up our legs and when he reaches our face he lets himself slide back scream as he goes acting as if he lost his grip and was falling down a cliff. It is really quite hilarious! He is getting so funny with his pretend play. You also hear the Wii in the background with Super Mario Cart playing. Joey is obsessed with 'making' us play it! He chases us around with the Wii wheels crying, "wace wace!" (race). I guess he just likes watching the different vehicles move!


Poor Jeanie kept getting the sheet stuck on her head! She loves pulling stuff over her head! Any article of clothing or dish towel she finds in her reach she tries to put it on and keeps pulling it onto her head! She is such a cutie! She tries so hard to keep up and put up with her crazy older brother. She adores him and laughs at so much of what he does! I love the age gap between these two. Sometimes it has been VERY difficult, but it has been worth it!


littlefamilyJLD said...

I love all these pictures! Yesterday when I asked Dallin who his friends were, he said a couple names of little boys in the ward, then he said JOEY!! He misses his best bud!

The Marks said...

your kids are so cute. You are such a good mommy. Sounds like you guys are just having a fun summer.