Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just some fun pictures of the kids!

Poor Joey, He was so exhausted and hungry with all of he moving and such! He fell asleep eating a pop tart! And as for how he is sitting... for months he had refused to sit in a high chair anymore... but since this was the only chair available he was all to happy to be in it and just lounged back. I wonder if having the dining area be away from the main area has helped him eat more... before he was always distracted and would rarely eat even if it was something he asked for. Now he seems to be a bottomless pit!

In the last post I talked about all the big trucks outside our apartment. Yesterday I went ahead and found the box that had Joey's trucks.... he was so excited and played with them with new gusto and understanding! In this picture he is yet again asleep! If you knew our son... he does not just lay down and nap or rarely sit still for much of anything. He is like a toy top, just goes and goes and goes and then, falls over!
We are almost moved in. I wanted to take a picture but Jared plans on coming home and putting up shelves and hanging a few more pictures... So I will wait to post pictures until that is done!

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Julie W said...

Addie loves the car basket at the grocery store too. She will start yelling "car car" as soon as we pull up in the parking lot and she WILL find that basket with the car:) Cute Pics!