Saturday, May 30, 2009

Park time!

I am very often taking and posting pictures of our happenings at the park... so I apologize if you get bored with those! Joey is always just to cute and funny that I can't really resist trying to keep those fun moments forever and sharing them!

Our walk to the park proved to long! Both tykes were totally out by the time we got there!

Enjoying our snack break!
I tried and tried to get video of Joey preparing to go down the slide with his, "un, two, twee... GO!" When I had the camera out he would only say parts or had to be reminded. I tried several times and also got some more really fun videos of him playing... but I had to refrain from posting them all since that would take tons of your time to watch my little tyke play at the park! This is my favorite segment though- I would have to call it the quintessential Joey at the park. Busy busy busy having fun fun fun!!!! (Not that anyone needed a reminder that Joey is busy :) )

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