Saturday, August 1, 2009

Finally an update!

It has been months since I have updated the blog! The main reason it took me so long was we had camera issues, first our memory card got currupted and we lost all the pictures on it that I was just so fruastrated that I lost them I ignored the camera. We then lost our good newer camera twice! Our older camera is a pretty good camera and was top of the line when Jared bought it on his mission, but it has some some weird quirks and occasionally takes pictures funny. 

We finally have side walk and pavment and a parking lot!! After 3+ months living in a mudhole it makes such a difference! Love it!

We have had a fun filled summer! We went camping with Joel and Linda beginning of June, Had the Arnold's visit, went to Lagoon, got visited from the Robison's, went camping for the Marley family reunion and celebrated Jeanie 1st birthday!

I went ahead and put the pictures onto collages so that I can still post all the zillion pictures I wanted to share.


Wow! Can you tell they are siblings! They are at about the same ages here... Jeanie is quite a bit thicker then Joey ever was! This is the picture of Joey we put on his shirt that we announced Jeanie's expected arrival on.

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