Saturday, August 1, 2009

Potty and Play time!

We have not really officially started potty training yet. We have started to introduce the idea, let him sit on the potty very often and get the feel of training pants ect. Joey likes the free feeling of walking around naked apparently... and will try to stay undressed, everytime we suggest getting his diaper back on he screams potty and sits on it. With all that he had actually used it until the other day. He started to grab at his diaper and we took it off and he sat down, then a while later he gave up and we put his diaper back on. A few minutes later he ripped his diaper off himself and sat down on the potty and went #1! Jared and I made a huge deal about it and praised him to no end... and treated him with a Reese's butter cup!

This is a fun little indoor playground that they have over at the mall.  Its a nice way to let the kids play a bit but we are able to get out of the heat for a bit!  Poor Jeanie, at first she really liked the bubble but got a bit freaked out when she couldn't figure out how to ge thru it.

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