Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lagoon Day!

We were able to go to Lagoon on Harmon's Lagoon day with Melissa and her girls! It was such a blast! The little kids had such a fun time! Cousin Graci and Joey wanted to ride one ride after another! We will be definitly going back next year and invite anyone to come with and partake of the discount to!
It was fun eating all the free/inexpensive food Harmon's provided. We also hung around and waited as Bob and Randy Harmon called names for all the drawings they had... unfortunatly we didn't win anything.  Jared made the box that his store's names were drawn from. I don't have a picture of it... but it was so cute! He made it into a little VW  Hippie Van to go with the Groovy theme! Good job honey!

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