Friday, October 24, 2008


Jared sure loves being daddy! With new baby Jeanie and moms attention focused on her Jared and Joey have had even more time to bond and play together. When Jared is home Joey often does not want much to do with Mommy, but insists on being held by and hugging and kissing his daddy. He also enjoys playing so many games with him.
The other day Jared was looking at some pictures of himself as a toddler. It is amazing how much Joey looks like his daddy, minus the red hair. We showed him this picture of Jared and said "Daddy" we pointed at him. Think we confused him a bit because he has walked around pointing at himself saying...'da dattie'


Cami said...

Oh my goodness, congratulations!! She is just beautiful! That picture below of mommy and baby is so pretty of both of you. What a cute little family. :)

Dax and Steph said...

Cute Pictures! Sorry I never seem to answer my phone when you call. Nights have been a little crazy lately with work, church, and other stuff. Hopefully things calm down and we can chat again! That picture of you and Jeanie is way cute. I definitely didn't look that good after having Ryan. My water broke at home so we had to hurry and I didn't get to grab anything to make me look decent afterwards. Needless to say I will remember next time!

Andreason said...

Emily- it is about time!! I love those pictures! I can't help but think how freaky it is that both of your kids have so many similarities to monkeys. I sure love those two, so cute! Love you Em!

The Marks said...

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Your family is so cute.