Friday, October 24, 2008

Baby Jeanie!!!

Wow! It has been months and months since I have done anything to update or blog. This was due partl to shifting of work schedules and partly to having lost my creative side for awhile. For those that don't know what we have been up to for the past few months, Jeanie was born on July 30th. I had gone in to hospital earlier to have an ultrasound because the doctor believed that she might be growth restricted and the decided that it would be best to have her induced that day. I had planned and prepared to have a unmedicated birth. But with having to be induced and know that that the pitocin would cause harder and stronger contractions and more monitoring and being tied to the bed I decided I should just go ahead and get an epideral. I waited until I was to about a four (The suggested time for a epideral). The nurse told me it might be awhile as the ana... anisthea...ologist....drug guy was backed up. When he finally showed up, they started to prep me. cleared my bed and rubbed the iodine on my back when I all of a sudden had a urge to push and lied down and with out any effort in pushing Jeanie was born! It was such a surprise I lied there for several seconds while the nurse called the doctor and started to untangle and start nasal aspirating her nose across the room when I remembered to yell the question to Jared if it was a boy or girl? (If you remember we never did get a real look at the gender with several ultrasounds.) I was lucky that I was able to go ahead and still have the unmedicated birth that I had hoped for. After the birth was so much more enjoyable this time around. I felt so incredibly good that even I wasn't sure if I had just given birth. I loved being wide awake and not groggy and funky feeling from the epiderals and such. We had Joey there with us while at the hospital, and although We had a few difficult moments with him there We really enjoyed his presence. Watching his cute little antics made me excited for the next addition. At one point the volume was up real loud on the heartbeat monitor for Jeanie and Joey danced and bounced to the beat. He also sat on my lap and fed me ice chips. Luckily though Grandma Stoker had recieved a 'pocket' call from Jared's phone and heard a sleepy onry Joey at some point right before or after birth and came on her way and was there to see Jeanie and take Joey home with her. Jeanie is such a beautiful Baby! She was born with a full head of light brown hair. "I dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair...." (its an old song.) She also has such long pretty fingers and perfect fingernails. She also was lucky and didn't inherit my feet. She has long narrow feet and toes. What a beauty! These two videos are not the most flattering ones of me... but cute of the babies so I will post anyhow.

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