Friday, October 24, 2008

Double the Trouble!... But Double the Fun!

A few weeks ago Jared started work at Harmon's. He is in the Bakery and I am sure loving that. He often comes home with muffins, bagels and those fancy artisan breads. Jared also enjoys the work that he does... a welcome break from the Life Insurance and Car Sales when the work days were 10+ hours and there was so much boring down time. He keeps himself so busy now at work that he rarly will take a break in a 9 or 10 hour shift as he just forgets!

It has been interesting getting used to having the two kids. I was lucky the first few weeks I did have Jared home alot with the job transitions. Sometimes I begin to think that "all the stars need to be in alignment" to be able to get many things done or get out of the house. The stars being having both babies happy and timing of naps and meals. But I sure do love having the two kids. Joey loves his baby sister so much! He always insists on holding her. It has been tricky trying to keep Joey from 'loving' Jeanie to death or moving her.
It is tricky at times having the 2 babies but I have never regretted the decision to have them so close. Even if it means I end up never getting my makeup on having a perma spit-up stain on my right shoulder.

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littlefamilyJLD said...

Well said, Emily. You are an amazing Mom! I love all those pictures of the cute kids and am glad to hear the Jared is enjoying his job.

Love you guys!